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Why Compost?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 by Carrie

Exciting news! The Chopping Block has created a new composting initiative at Lincoln Square. By working in conjunction with Collective Resource, Inc.,  we are making an even bigger commitment to doing our part for the environment.

Knife Skills Class Compost

Why compost? Our intention is to support the earth by composting our food scraps, napkins and paper products. It sometimes sounds complicated, but it is really quite easy. The Evanston-based company, Collective Resource is providing us with containers to put everything in and hauling them away to a commercial composting facility in Chicago. There it is processed into rich, useable compost. By doing this, we will be having what is called a Zero Waste Kitchen. Of course we will have some waste, but we will be diverting most of it from a landfill.

Our compostable items consist of:

Meat, bones, fish, and seafood

Seafood shells

Fruits and vegetables (all stickers removed)

Eggs and eggshells

Milk, cheese, and other dairy

Dressings, condiments, sauces, and soups

Flour, bread, pasta, and pastries

Coffee grounds and filters

Nuts and nut shells

Spices, oils, and fats


Popsicle sticks and skewers

RECYCLABLE ITEMS (still separate from COMPOST)

Plastic, glass, cans and cardboard

Last week was our first week of composting during our classes.  I have to say, it has already made a difference in our kitchens.  I was so impressed, I had to take a picture of our recycling, garbage and compost bins after our Knife Skills class this past Wednesday!  Check it out — we had zero waste!  Everything went to either the recycle bin or the compost bucket!

Carrie finally found her culinary niche as a Chef Instructor for The Chopping Block in May 2008, but only after a hilariously traumatic demonstration interview (of which you will have to attend one of her classes to hear about). She gets a thrill of sharing the things she’s learned about food and cooking with others and the memories and experiences around food that have made her who she is today. Her hope is to take away the apprehension people have of cooking by pouring on her southern hospitality and charm and having fun in the kitchen. When she isn’t cooking, you can usually find her at a concert, a neighborhood restaurant or just hanging out with friends and enjoying their company.