Summer Grilling: Eat What You Catch

June 6th, 2012 by Patrick

Grilling during the summer months takes many forms for me.  In honor of our June grilling promotion (20% off all grilling accessories), I will share one of my unique culinary adventures.  On any given evening you can find me grilling a wide variety of items, from steak to vegetables, but my favorite thing to grill is fish.  More importantly, fish that I have personally had a hand in catching. The only problem is: I don’t like to fish.

Door County, Wisconsin

This became an issue when searching for fresh fish while vacationing at my family’s summer cabin in Door County, Wisconsin, which is located directly on Lake Michigan.  I first began buying fresh leftover fish from local commercial fishermen when they came into port, but this was not cost effective.  My eventual solution was to have friends, who loved to fish, come over to catch what they could from the shores of my property.  This worked well, but still left me with a desire to be more hands on with the process, so I decided to combine my love of fresh fish and my love for Scuba diving.  I would gear up and dive down to 40 feet or so and simply spot the fish, head back to the surface and tell whomever was fishing where the fish were.  Success!  The first weekend of enacting this process we were able to catch 118 fish!  We ate what we could and gave the rest away to friends and neighbors.

Lion Fish

The natural progression for me was to begin spearfishing.  The problem with this was, spearfishing is illegal on Lake Michigan except for a few, not very tasty, exceptions.  I was finally able to practice my newly discovered passion on a Scuba diving trip to the Cayman Islands this past July.  While there, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to not only spearfish for my dinner, but also help out the natural ecosystem of the reefs.  Lion fish are an invasive spices of fish that are taking over the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean.  They have poisonous spines on their backs which cause them to have very few natural predators, so spearfishing for them has become an necessity to control their population.  Local guides take you down to the reefs. The best part of about spearfishing for Lion fish, is taking your catch back to the beach and grilling them up with grill pans over an open fire. They are mighty tasty!

Scuba Diving off Grand Cayman




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  1. avatar Clair says:

    Intriguing Patrick – I can’t wait to find out more about you and your culinary experiences. Bravo!

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