Can’t Beet Red Velvet

June 18th, 2012 by Amanda

Before becoming a mother, I really didn’t put too much thought into what I ate.  Instead of being conscious of where my food came from and what it was made out of I focused on how it tasted.  Now I must admit I am obsessed with ingredients.  One of my main concerns these days is what my son is putting in his body, especially for the first time.

Yet, I have become more relaxed, as he gets older.  His first birthday, I didn’t let him have any sugar.  His birthday cupcakes were vegan made from avocados and maple syrup, and I must admit that is still a good recipe.  This year, I found myself becoming wrapped up in his party theme more than his sugar intake.  Mario’s 2nd birthday party was a pirate theme so I decided red velvet cupcakes were one kind that would look festive.

Red velvet cake is something I have never given much thought to or was ever really a fan of.  It isn’t exactly chocolate so I figured what is the point.  After reading many other blogs and cooking sites, I do realize it is quite a contentious subject, which I won’t pretend to have insight on.  My main concern when studying red velvet was not to use red food coloring.  It seems that a lot of kids have allergies these days, so I didn’t want serve something and inadvertently discover someone’s allergy.

So I Googled “Red velvet without food coloring”.  My first hit was for a blog called Sophistimom. It sounded promising, but of course, I had to read a billion other recipes before I decided on this one.  It doesn’t use the traditional buttermilk but rather cream cheese and gets it red color from roasted beets.  Also, it is a cake recipe, but I found it made about 24 cupcakes and I halved the frosting recipe.

To my shock, these cupcakes were the belle of the birthday party.  Self-proclaimed “Red Velvet Lovers” said they were some of the best they’ve had and had no idea there were roasted beets hiding inside. Score one for the natural ingredients team!

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  1. avatar sophistimom says:

    I’m so happy your cupcakes turned out well, Amanda!

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