Healthy Eating Outside Your Home

May 16th, 2012 by Cassandra

If I was considering a meal out last summer, my choice would have included one of the many unhealthy stops in the city of Chicago.

This season, I am on a quest to find restaurants where I don’t have to search for the healthy choice on the menu or be made to feel like I have missed out on the “joy” of eating.

With these thoughts in mind, I selected Karyn’s Cooked located on Wells Street for dinner.  This restaurant specializes in an all vegan menu but does it with a touch of flair that makes meat and dairy loving fans (like myself) have a wonderful dining experience.

Sloppy Jo

When you peruse the menu, you will notice that the restaurant purposely gives all of their menu descriptions “traditional names” such as Sloppy Jo, Buffalo Wings and Meatloaf.  Even though all of these options are made without actual meat or dairy, the owner feels that if she described the items on her menu differently than their meat-filled counterparts (i.e. soy bean, protein flavored products) some of the meat lovers would be hesitant to give them a try.

Being slightly hesitant myself, I went straight for the fried veggie basket appetizer which included zucchini, cauliflower and mushrooms. I figured that if I did not like anything else on the menu I couldn’t go wrong with deep fried veggies, especially ones that  I was already familiar with.  I was not disappointed with this choice.  However, the even better choice was my entree of “Sloppy Jo” and the pecan pie with coffee for dessert.

The presentation, as well as the taste, was amazing within every dish that I tried and dispelled many reservations I had been holding about vegan menus.   The menu also includes an array of pizzas, soups, salads and interesting entrees that will definitely warrant me going back to try again another day.

Downtown Chicago is FILLED with wonderful food choices. I look forward to trying many of them this summer with my new “healthy attitude”.  It will make familiar dining experiences like new and new dining experiences even better.

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