Blue Ribbon

May 8th, 2012 by John

Photo Courtesy of The Pabst Mansion

I had the luxury of joining my cousin for his wedding this past weekend in Milwaukee.  Matt is a twin and they are just one day older than me.  Unfortunately, I have not seen his family in a long time.  The wedding was amazing, the food was nice and the drinks were great.  On my way out of town on Sunday, I decided to stop by the Pabst family mansion just west of downtown Milwaukee.

I have spent many a lazy summer afternoon enjoying one Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) after another.  So I felt it most appropriate to see the beautiful mansion. The mansion was built in the late 1800’s.  The Pabst family lived there for roughly fifteen years.  Each room was designed completely different than the next. The Pabst family hails from Germany and the lavish style of the house was very cool to see.  There was a beautiful French-looking room that was for the ladies to enjoy tea in the

Ladies' Parlor Photo Courtesy of The Pabst Mansion

afternoon.  Mr. Pabst’s private office was a dark room that was surrounded by textured wood walls that had secret openings for his personal treasures.  There were several pieces of original art.  The living room contained my favorite eye-catching wood pieces.  At two corners of the dining room were two of the most beautiful wooden cupboards I have ever seen.  They contained original china from the Pabst family.  The dining table could grow to 22 people and I could only imagine the feast at that capacity.  Also, in the servant’s quarters, there was a very unique way of chilling the beers.  It was quite a treat to see.

All in all, it was rewarding to see and understand how people used to live over 110 years ago.  On the way out, via the gift shop of course, I found a cool book that featured all the breweries that are operating in Wisconsin.  And that will help me along in my study of beer and its production.  I highly recommend to anyone an hour tour of the Pabst family mansion.  Cheers!

Dining Room Photo Courtesy of The Pabst Mansion

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