All I Want for Mother’s Day is Not to Have to Cook

May 22nd, 2012 by Michael

My Mom has always been bringing our family together over food, whether it was daily weeknight dinners or, more recently, weekly Sunday dinners. It’s a chance for the whole family to get together over food and talk about what’s going on in our lives. It’s especially important as my siblings and I move out of the house and move on to new things.

This Mother’s Day was a nice role reversal. My siblings and I (some more than others) spent the day grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking dinner, while she sat in the sun and relaxed. Despite her fervent attempts to take over, we made the whole meal ourselves, start to finish. With the weather being so nice, we decided to grill. We made Greek Lamb Burgers with Feta, Tzatziki, red onion and tomato. We also made a sort of hodge-podge melange of other sides and appetizers to go with it.

While I may have been in the kitchen more than I’m used to, missing out on a lot of the conversation, I got a real sense of satisfaction that people get from cooking for other people. I think there is a real pride, whether you’re a chef or a home cook, in cooking the food that brings people together. I think that’s why my Mom has done it, and why she continues to do it week after week. Your food is the center of whatever event or celebration is happening. It was fun for me to orchestrate this dinner, and I’m excited to take over some of these meals as my family continues to grow and change.


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One Response to “All I Want for Mother’s Day is Not to Have to Cook”

  1. avatar Katlyn says:

    Holy jesus that looks delicious. I’ll be home on June 23.

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