A Healthy Treasure

April 17th, 2012 by Cassandra

I’ve asked quite a few people, and the jury is in. Cream is usually a happy and mostly unhealthy addition to most of our eating habits.  Think about it.  There are so many delicious things that are based in cream.  Ice cream, coffee with extra cream, pasta in a variety of creamy sauces… yep, there are various creams out there and many of us like to use and consume them in all of their deliciously unhealthy ways.

However, I have wonderful news!  For those of us who lean toward the creamier versus less creamy side of life and would like to have that texture within our food regiment without as many calories and fat, I have found the PERFECT addition to your shopping list that you should definitely add as a staple to your menu.

Isola’s “Cream of Balsamic” line can be found in both Chopping Block locations and is a “cream lover’s dream”.  I have tried it on everything from asparagus to ice cream and it brings an awesome texture and unique flavor to every fruit and veggie I have combo’d it with.  You probably would not like it in your coffee, but you can definitely put it on ice cream (low-fat ice cream, of course) as well as in your pasta for an extra zing and on all of your fruits and veggies.

What’s even more exciting is that this cream of balsamic comes in various flavors depending on your taste buds and what you would like to pair it with.  My first go-round I tried the original version and used it on two of our classic recipes Bacon Wrapped Dates and Grilled Seasonal Fruits with Gelato.  After that, I tried it on Brussels sprouts, asparagus and salad. I’ve found that I no longer need heavy creamy dressings on my salad, heavy sauces to accompany my veggies or even caramel or chocolate toppings on my low-fat ice cream to make it seem more appealing.  A simple warm weather favorite has become low-fat ice cream, fresh fruit and a little cream of balsamic drizzled on top!

So, step outside of the box like I did and try Cream of Balsamic on a variety of things in your kitchen to see how you can incorporate this lighter (yet just as tasty) and different cream into many of your own favorite dishes.

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  1. Those are some tasty looking photos!

  2. avatar Cassandra Watkiss says:

    The food is even more tasty! :)

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