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It’s Pumpkin Season: Are you Ready for the Fall Holidays?

October 20th, 2014 by Anna

It happens every year. You are trying to catch the last warm days outside, you start thinking about upcoming holidays, the leaves are changing colors and Pumpkin Spice Lattes come into your life. In Russia, we call this time of year autumn, but after moving to the United States, I can tell you, that autumn is not what happens here. In America, we should rename this season Pumpkin Season!

Halloween pumpkins













Every year right before Halloween, we get all of our friends together. We carve pumpkins, drink cider, and share our plans for the future. I love pumpkins because there are so many things that can be done with them: side dishes, pies, cute yard decorations or masterpieces for scaring your neighbors. During our pumpkin carving party last year, one of our guests suggested that we should keep our pumpkin seeds and roast them in the oven with salt for a couple minutes until they turn golden brown. It’s a quick, easy, tasty snack for a party.

TCB full view











We love pumpkins at The Chopping Block. We even have a special class dedicated to this squash: The Great Pumpkin on October 30th and November 15th. Some of our other fall menus will include pumpkin as well. After all, you can’t have Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie! Learn how to make the perfect Pumpkin Pie in Thanksgiving Workshop or Thanksgiving Crash Course in November (these classes are offered many times, so check our class calendar for the best fit for your schedule). For those who prefer to have their pie made for them, our chefs are preparing our famous Pumpkin Pie, and they’ll be ready for you to pick up right before Thanksgiving dinner. You can order the 10-inch classic Pumpkin Pie right here. Make sure you pre-order, since the number of pies will be limited.

Order pies for pickup at Lincoln Square on Tuesday, November 25.
Order pies for pickup at Lincoln Square on Tuesday, November 26.
Order pies for pickup at Merchandise Mart on Tuesday, November 25.
Order pies for pickup at Merchandise Mart on Wednesday, November 26.

Doll Scarlett











Of course pumpkins aren’t only for Thanksgiving, they also mean Halloween is not that far away! If you are still wondering how to make your house look awesome for Halloween this year, stop by our stores. We have tons of fun Halloween and fall decorations: pumpkin ghosts, pumpkin men, and the vampires Norbert, Austin and Scarlet from Joe Spencer’s exclusive collections. So far, the bestseller of the season are the pumpkin lids: microwave and dishwasher safe lids that seal perfectly and weight nothing. They make a perfect fall gift that you can use everyday, and create a nice fall atmosphere. The Heirloom Pumpkin candle will bring the smell of fall to your home, while white and orange lace pumpkins (we call them “sexy pumpkins”) are a great decoration for any fall holiday. Plus you’ll get the sweet addition of a 20% discount on all Halloween items.

Pumpkin lids





























And to wrap this blog post, I want to share a joke with you:

There’s only one way to know what season it is in California. Go to the Starbucks around the corner and if you can order a Pumpkin Spice Latte, it must be fall.


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Anna is originally from Siberia and got her master's degree in Saint-Petersburg, Russia before moving to the Windy City. Her priority in life is to make people happy, and that's why Anna is excited to work at The Chopping Block as a Retail Associate. Her passions in life are traveling, baking, dancing and dogs. She typically ends her evenings with a nice book, her husband reading next to her, a glass of good wine, and their pet hedgehog.

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