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It’s a Wine-o Blog-A-Thon

April 17th, 2014 by Bailey

The sun is shining, it didn’t snow at all this week, Hillary Clinton just had a shoe thrown at her head and your great grandma wasn’t born yet when the Cubs won their last World Series. Do you know what this means? Well, clearly it means that I like alcoholic grape juice of the Italian variety.

…and Phil Collins songs.

…and attractive fire fighters in Calvin Klein’s.

…and maybe Billy shouldn’t lose my number.

codadivolpeWhat was I talking about again? Oh, right. I was blabbing on about nothing. However, I did make a fabulous discovery last week that made me squeal like a child. Our house white wine at The Chopping Block has temporarily been replaced with an Italian white varietal that you need to get your hands on as if your life depended on it. What we are offering now is called Coda di Volpe, which is a varietal that is traditionally grown in the southwestern Italian region of Campania.

Coda di Volpe thrives in Campania’s mild, wet winters and warm very sunny summers – and the result is a bottle of wine that is full of sun shining goodness. In the glass, you’ll see that it’s pale yellow in color with a bit of greenish tint. There is a boatload of Meyer lemon and citrus on the nose, and it finishes with tastes of fresh sea salt. While not overwhelmingly acidic, you can absolutely pair this with everything from creamy cheeses/sauces to lighter seafood dishes and your favorite spring and summer veggies.

grapesWhatever you do, do not pass this up. It’s super inexpensive and you need to be hoarding it – because this will not be around forever! So, do yourself a favor. Grab a few good friends, find yourself a prime spot on the porch, crank up the grill…  and drink up a glass of sunshine!




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